Best Walk Behind Mower for Hills

best walk behind mower for hills

Are you planning to mow along the hills? Do you know that mowing on hills can be dangerous?  While, it is so risky, you need to have a mower meant for the hills.

With that in mind, we are reviewing the best walk behind mower for hills. In addition, we will give you a practical buying guide which will help you narrow down your decisions. So, you have the reason to read this piece of content up to the end.

Top 3 Best Walk Behind Mower for Hills Comparison

  • Item Weight: 37.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 28.4 x 15.75 x 20.3 inches
  • Item model number: 25142
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  • Item Weight: 56 pounds
  • Product Dimensions : 26.9 x 16.1 x 18 inches
  • Item model number: 25022
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  • Item Weight: 84 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 59 x 22.05 x 39.37 inches
  • Item model number: MO60L512PW
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5 Best Walk Behind Mower for Hills Reviews

1. Greenworks 25142 lawn mower

This 2-in-1 mower comes from Greenworks. It has an environmentally friendly and maintenance-free 120 V 10-amp motor with powerful mulching and cutting power.

Moreover, it offers mulching and side clearance. It is intended for small applications and offers a solid presentation. It is corded, quiet in operation and does not generate any harmful fumes.

More so, it has a wide deck of 16 inches for cutting grass. The maintaining of your garden should be productive and is irrelevant in terms of time. Likewise, the cutting deck is made of durable ABS polymer, which offers a light vehicle and greater control.

Furthermore, the gear is made of hard plastic. It has a minimal floor plan and, thanks to its collapsible handle, can be put away without much stretch. No support is needed, which makes it perfect for people who use a mower just because.

Further, this mower has a decent power chain that provides even power transmission even at the latest cutting gatherings.

Additionally, the grass mower can easily be piled up. It tends to be started effectively and can accumulate grasses with a ton of force. Besides, it can pack or mulch, but has no release include.

With that in mind, this is probably not the best choice for your situation if there is a possibility that you will have to detach yourself from your cutter. It’s light and the wheels have a decent structure, which makes it effectively flexible. Thanks to the height adjustment with a switch, it is perfect for cutting a variety of grasses.



2. Greenworks 25022 lawn mower

This GreenWorks mower is not your father’s lawn mower. Because of its 12-amp motor, it has much more powerful capacities than you are probably used to from that old electric lawn mower that you may have used before. That’s all everyone needs to cut even the toughest grass, and you won’t be confused if you ask why not everything is discovered every time.

Moreover, the front wheels measure 7 inches while the rear wheels are 10 inches. You will see that you can drive the unit over sloping terrain, irregular blocks and beyond around flower beds without a lot of stretch vehicle.

Also, the handle is overlaid so that you can be sure that there is almost no space in the carport or storage room in this device if you do not have any additional space. This is definitely not a nuisance, and many customers with previous problems have indicated how happy they are to use this garden mower.

Furthermore, this model is corded, which means you get unlimited battery life if you have a continuous power supply. The battery less component gives you the ability to operate your mower at any time. For sure, you will not worry about charging the batteries last night or sometimes replacing destroyed batteries with another one. With all of the alternatives available on a unit, you can give your grass exactly the treatment that you have as a top priority.



3. POWERWORKS MO60L512PW lawn mower

This is a mower from POWERWORKS, one of the first brands to offer electrical equipment for shipyards. There is a widespread cutting package, and you can also choose either mow or mulch.

The mower is very quiet in operation, although not as much as a gas mower. If you feel that you are not interested in such a loud device, you may think that it is better to take an electric garden mower with you. Moreover, the mower has an estimated 21-inch steel deck and is wide enough to support even rock hard cutting. More so, it has a 3-in-1 structure that you can use to let go, mulch, or fire. It is powered by a brushless 60 V motor that is extremely effective in operation.

Likewise, the cutting hardware is powered by a 5 Ah battery so that it can run for up to 70 moments. Furthermore, it is downsized and can be folded up with a lot of accommodation. It tends to put away no problem at all. Equally, it has a great build and the cost of similar electric mowers is slightly higher.



4. Honda HRX217K5VKA lawn mower

Unleash the power of a gas hill mower in the Honda HRX217K5VKA. Although it is a gas powered mower, the model is one of the quietest. It includes the licensed Honda Versamow system.

Moreover, they extraordinary framework enables a four-in-one execution. Equally, the 21-inch deck can bear the cost of selecting mulch, back clipping or, side clearance.

All the more fascinating is the way in which the framework enables the mixing of capacities. You can mulch and pack at the same time by sliding a helpful locking handle. You could then choose how much grass to mulch and how much to dismiss. You can do this without devices or expensive connections.

More so, the machine highlights the MicroCut system with two sharp edges. The innovation uses 4-cut surfaces that create lean cuts for perfect mulching. Also, it causes additional chips per pack.

Furthermore, the deck highlights NeXite, a very solid and smaller material. The material does not scratch, erode or rust over time. This increases the durability of the mower.

Additionally, the mower highlights the GCV190 engine. Honda customers recognize that GCV190 motors rotate quickly, are environmentally friendly, and are powerful. You get long periods of reliable execution.

What is more, you can easily adapt the mower’s speed to your run. You can then connect to the Select Drive control to achieve an amazing, comfortable speed for the board.

For sure, these features make the Honda a strong and reliable choice. It has some highlights for someone looking for an outdated model. Not only that, this best walk-on mower for hills also responds.



5. WORX WG960 lawn mower

This is an excellent combo unit that you can use to cut your garden and clean up at this point. The WORX WG751 is powered by two 20 V Li-particle batteries that are suitable for extended use. They work with a 20-inch steel deck that is suitable for any terrain.

Moreover, this lawn mower is a counterpart for mortgage holders. Its brilliant mulch structure provides your garden with more nitrogen and water and makes it greener, more useful and more earthed.

More so, the mower is light, calm and takes care of business even in thick grass. Besides, the batteries don’t take too long to even think about charging. Likewise, it’s so easy to start and stop over and over again.

Equally, no pulling or preparation required. The mower is perfect for a city-sized run and for smaller women or the elderly. The blower is also light and powerful for battery operated

Also, with this WORX item you can discharge your grass waste or start from the side.

Furthermore, the WORX has a turbine blower. So, nothing will be out of your control when using this model.

Similarly, this turbine fan has a highlight for speed adjustment, with which you can set your ideal flight speed and air volume.

Correspondingly, the cast elastic handle of the WORX turbine fan gives comfort and the hyper-stream spout allows you to effectively show and win flotsam and jetsam.



Buyers guide Things to consider

Mowing on an uneven slope can be dangerous. However, you need to achieve that perfect cut.

So, the first step in achieving an effective cut is therefore to choose the right mower. An off-base mower may not cut anything or, at best, provide a poor quality cut. To help you succeed, here is our resourceful shopping guide for what to consider before buying a mower for hills.

Lawn conditions

First, before you buy an expensive device, you need to understand, and consider some basic factors to choose the lawn mower that best suits your needs. As the first of these components, you need to consider the state of the lawn in which the mower is being used.

This condition state includes the size of the garden, the tilt point, and the spin that is required for trees and plants that populate the scene.


When cutting on slopes, you need to be stable yourself as well.

While most mowers designed for hills offer a preferred position over other machines, their stability still differs from model to model.

To determine stability, first check on the wheels. For instance, larger rear wheels offer better stability. This is due to the reason that the entire area of the tire is constantly in contact with the ground. This in return, ensures that the level and strength of the unit increase as the mower’s profile becomes lower.


You can choose between 3 unique mower types. These include walk-behind garden mowers, zero-turn garden mowers and riding grass mowers. The hand-held models are best suited for hills. This is because you can quickly locate your mass as you move along the bumpy slopes. In addition, they are easy to control with press locks on the right side of the mower. Zero-turn and riding grass mowers can be no problem.

Driving mode

When it comes to the best mower for hills, the driving mode you choose is of the utmost importance. At the moment, you can search a rear-wheel drive, a front-wheel drive and an all-wheel drive. The best decision when cutting on hills is a rear wheel drive. Four-wheel drive may also be acceptable in a variety of circumstances, but may not be exceptional for uneven yards. The rear wheel drive is in a fantastic position. This is particularly important if you have lost control of the mower.

Deck size

Specialists point to the piece of grass mower for hills that houses the sharp edges of the deck. The deck size of a garden mower for soaking benches is important given the fact that you will learn how many sharp edges are stored for the item and how much cutting power you will have.

Generally important for yards with hills, larger deck size means greater mobility. Basically, the larger the deck, the easier it is for you to turn the grass mower. This component is important on hills because you never have to make sharp developments on soaking banks.


The specific weight you need for your hill mower depends on your quality. Overwhelming thrust mowers for hills can be difficult to move for some people. This is a particular problem on hills as the grass mower has a more remarkable way of going crazy.

The most ideal approach to agreeing on a perfect weight is to examine your lawnmower face to face for hill decisions. You should be able to push the mower without a fight. The best arrangement is a bank-soaking lawnmower that is powerful and lightweight.

Height adjustments

You need your walk behind mower for the hills accompany a moving deck. You should be able to change the height of your cut. While the adaptability of the height adjustment is helpful for every mower, it is of fundamental importance for a push mower for hills.

For sure, when you have that opportunity to choose the height of your cut, you can physically simplify hill mowing. When you go to the sloping part of your yard, simply change the height of the deck to walk easily over the grass. This will cut the grass evenly and protect you from getting the push mower for stuck hills.

Wheel size

Your chosen walk behind mowers for hills should accompany larger wheels than normal mowers. Huge wheels are particularly important in the back. There are numerous points of interest if you have huge wheels when cutting hills.

Advantageously, the design of latest mower in particular is centering on stability.

For sure, stability is important for any garden mower for hills, regardless of the model that you will choose. You prefer not to turn your garden tractor with you in the driver’s seat.

Also, huge wheels on your lawnmower for hills ensure a longer lifespan. The huge wheels have the ability to drive many kilometers. Durability is crucial for such gardens with hills.


Equally, your chosen mower should accompany pleasant and stable handles. The handle should absorb a large part of the garden mower’s vibration. This will save your arms from shaking when you cut your garden.

Also, the handles of your preferred model should be incredibly strong. Exceptionally, you need a comfortable, very padded and firm arrangement of the handles. If the handles don’t wobble, they won’t be able to withstand the force of your use on hills. A proper grip on your lawnmower will prevent you from losing control of your hill mower.

Possible attachments

Moreover, numerous models of garden mowers consider different assistants to improve the usefulness. All in all, such connections add to the general weight of the mower. It is wise to stay away from unnecessary connections from your mower that they cannot commit. This reduces the weight you can hold under, making it easy to control your mower.

Ease of use

Some garden mowers are complicated and therefore difficult to control. It can be risky for new customers. In the event that you are not yet familiar with this device, it is advisable to select a model that is easy to edit. A lot of the ones we remembered for our top 5 hill mower garden mowers are easy to edit.

 Look for one with simple operating highlights. Examples of such highlights include travel control. The element allows the mower to explore a specific region without cumbersome directions.


There are different types of terrain and there is an alternative lawn mower for each terrain. You need to focus on the terrain you have. Some basic terrain types are messy, flat pads with soaked hills in the middle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Buying a walk behind mower for hills is always an undeniable irritation. Here are some regular requests that many customers face.

1.Why would it be a good idea for me to buy a walk behind mower for hills?

Actually, there are many reasons for buying these kind of units. For an imaginative arrangement, a walk behind mower is effective. It has no impressions in any way. It works in tight spaces and slopes. Also, it is a powerhouse with incredible highlights. This makes the performance smooth and the structure ergonomic.

2. How should I maintain my walk behind mower for hills?

While, all the walk behind mowers are basically small vehicles, they require some maintenance practices. Moreover, as with all gas powered vehicles, the engine requires standard oil changes, valve cleaning and other basic assistance.

Also, some parts of the machine should be replaced every now and then, as the mower can be used in large zones with considerable pressure. These include the blades, the separation section, the grass catcher and the path.

More so, it is important to check the other parts of the mower when you feel they are not in position.  

3. Do they pose any danger?

Mowers designed for hills are perfectly safe. Be that as it may, even the best lawn mower won’t fire a shot in any terrain.

4.Do walk behind lawn mowers for hills have backward movement capability?

Really, most of the unit that you can get has that capability. However, you need to make sure that the object you are looking at has a backward movement capacity, since certain mowers only move back with manual force.

5. How can I switch on my device?

Though this can depend on the model that you have. All in all, switching on a walk behind lawn mower is as easy as ABC. There is a starter switch. After connecting the line, press the start switch and the machine switches on.

6. Are they expensive?

A walk behind mowers for hills can or may not be expensive. It depends on your decision and the brand of the garden mower. In the event that you need more benefits, you will have to spend more money at this point.

7.Are they better than riding on mowers?

Though these can depend on your preferences. Most of the ride on mowers find it hard to climb up the hills because of your added weight.


Yes, these are some of the Best Walk Behind Mower for Hills in the market. While making our selection we based our decision on your specific requirements, how wide your garden is, how much cut you need, and what your budget is.

Remember that the requirements depend on the circumstances. If your garden is larger, you don’t need a little mower and this is opposite for larger ones. Make a careful assessment of the highlights, qualities and shortcomings of all featured items before making a selection.

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