How to Make Your Riding Lawn Mower Faster

How to Make Your Riding Lawn Mower Faster

A riding lawn mower can function at various speeds. It can be slow, medium to fast. All these levels have merits and demerits. However, you can elect to make it mow faster, especially if the terrain is flat and the lawn is big.

Mowing is usually time-consuming, and you could be in a hurry to complete the task. It is so natural to make your machine go faster.

There are simple tricks to make the mower work to your expectations. Similarly, some complex modifications can also be ideal in making it perform faster and complete the task quickly.

How to make your riding lawn mower faster

1. Replace the air filter

As you continue using the mower, the air filter gets clogged. It allows dirt and other harmful components to enter the engine component. Once inside, they cause damage and startup problems.

A clogged filter prevents the engine from getting enough oxygen flow and running inefficiently. It makes the mower slow in the process.

Replacing the filter will give your mower a fresh start and increase the speed and performance.

2. The nature of the terrain

A flat piece of land can make the machine work faster because of linear movements from one end to another without hindrance. On the other hand, rugged or rocky terrain will not allow the riding lawn mower to move fast. A sloped land is another factor to consider when selecting mower speeds. If it moves faster, there is a likelihood that it will tip over, causing accidents and damage. A push mower is ideal for lawns with a slope of more than 15⁰.

3. Replace the oil

Like the air filter, oil also has an impact on the speed of the mower. Check the level and quality of oil frequently and before using the mower. Oil determines the efficiency of your engine. Its quality continues to degrade in correspondence to usage and will eventually damage the engine if left unchecked.

Most riding mowers need an oil change every season or when it clocks 100 hours of service. Failure to do this will make the machine eventually move slowly.

Unscrew the dipstick from the oil reservoir to check the level. Top up the oil to recommended levels. Wipe the readings and replace the cap when you are through. Do not overfill the reservoir as it might hinder the proper functioning of the engine and other moveable parts.

4. Top up the tank

It is a small spring that controls the movement of gas to the engine. As it ages, its effectiveness also deteriorates. Changing it can make your mower work faster. The longer it is, the more fuel flows into the engine, making it mow quickly. On the other hand, a shorter one will make the machine work slowly.

Another alternative is to get rid of it completely. Removing the governor spring will let the fuel flow freely into the engine, increasing its horsepower.

You might need to remove the starter and insert the flywheel housing to adjust this spring. Removing the spring is not recommended, and also it is unsafe. Be careful when using such machines!

5. Sharpen the blades

Blunt blades take a lot of time to cut the grass, making it slow. Keeping them sharp is one of the tricks to make your machine work faster because it cuts with less resistance. It also prevents grass buildup on the blades, and you can mow for an extended period.

6. Minimize weight

A heavy machine will move slower because of its weight. Getting rid of excess kilograms makes it lighter and hence faster mobility. Too much weight holds down the mower causing it to move slowly and consume more fuel. It becomes counterproductive in the long run. Get rid of unnecessary weight where possible.

7. Improved airflow

By removing the hood, there is enhanced airflow within the riding lawn mower. In response, the mower will work faster and complete the tasks. However, replace the hood in between uses to keep the engine clean. It is not wise to remove the hood as such actions lead to the engine getting dirty and clogged. The engine might end up having a short lifespan.

8. Bigger tires

It helps the mower cover more ground in a single-wheel rotation. The outcome is increased speeds. They should, however, be of the same width to make the machine respond quickly and maneuver smoothly.

9. Bigger pulley

A big one makes it cover more ground while mowing the grass. It translates to fast speeds. Such a pulley also provides high power output to the riding lawn mower, boosting performance. However, this means you will alter the structure of your machine against what the manufacturer has. You might seek consent to modify, especially if the product is patented.

How does a bigger pulley translate to fast mower speeds?

By changing the size of the engine pulleys, the riding lawn mower will gain fast speeds. However, doing this requires you to consult your manual because it is a complex procedure. There should also have several tools to perform the task at hand. Mowers are different, and since replacing the pulley requires a lot of modification, the manual comes in handy.

The procedure involves connecting one pulley to the engine and another behind it. Installing a bigger one that matches the pulley belt will lead to fast mower speeds.


Several modifications are beyond the acceptable levels of the manufacturer. It leads to loss of warranty. They are not responsible for replacements and servicing such machines that have alterations.

Operating a modified machine also comes with safety concerns. The mower can have major malfunctions that might be unsafe to the user and itself. Always observe a high level of caution when using such machines.


A slower-riding lawn mower can be annoying or uncomfortable, especially if you are in a hurry. However, there are some tricks to make it perform its work faster, as seen in this document. Where possible, avoid a lot of modifications to your machine that can make it operate beyond the acceptable safety levels.

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