How to Start a Yard Machine Snowblower

How to Start a Yard Machine Snowblower

Starting a yard machine snowblower has never been this easy. There are very few steps to follow to make it roar. Many people find this task as challenging. After reading through this article, you will find it otherwise.

Yard snowblower machines remove snow from the garden, especially during winter times. They come in handy and perform the tasks to satisfaction. There are a number of them for removing snow but in different areas. Their sizes also differ significantly. The mode of igniting is similar as they use standardized ignition systems worldwide. Read through this article for more information.

How to start a yard machine snowblower?

The steps

Ensure that you have the key to the machine. It will or might not work without one.

Locate the ignition chamber and insert the key into the starter.

Find the choke lever and push it to the “Full” side.

Press the primer button thrice to bring fuel into the mower’s engine.

Plug the yard snowblower into the power outlet.

Finally, push and hold down the “Starter” button until the mower’s engine starts.

In some other cases, ensure that you are behind the pushing position. Hold down the blade control panel with your left hand. Grasp the starter’s rope handle with your other hand. Gently pull the rope once until you hear you feel an increasing resistance. Let it to recoil slowly. Your yard machine snowblower will start.

Are there instances when the machine fails to start?

Yes, sometimes the ignition system could have issues that hinder it from starting. However, you can resolve this in the short run. Here is what to do when it does not ignite:

Confirm that all switches and valves are in their rightful starting position.

Make sure that you are using recent oil to lubricate the engine. The old one is harmful to your machine.

Drain the old fuel and replace it with new. The used one is impure and could contain particles harmful to the blower’s engine.

Once there is new fuel in the tank, add the gas stabilizer to it.

Prime the engine with the primer to force the fuel into the carburetor. The snowblower will not start if there is no fuel in the carburetor because that is where it gets into the system for combustion.

Check the spark plugs to see their worthiness. If they are dirty, clean them. However, you need to replace them if they are old. These plugs transmit electric current from the battery to the system. They need a clear connection to function as they should. A small component like dirt can impair its effectiveness.

Study the fuel line for any blockages, leakages, or damages. It might fail to start if the fuel does not circulate in the system.

Why should I put fuel stabilizer into my snowblower?

If you don’t put it, the snowblower might find it hard to start the next time you want to use it. We recommend that you put the stabilizer in the last can of gas. It will get into the engine and fuel the blower during use. Ensure that you fill the machine’s tank to nearly full before storing it. It will readily start the engine during the next session of use.

Where is the carburetor in a yard machine snowblower?

It is at the bottom left of the engine. The design is that of a bowl, and it is very distinctive. You cannot confuse it with anything else.

How do you troubleshoot a snowblower that won’t start?

These tips can help you start your machine with ease.

  • Ensure that there is fuel in the tank. The shut-off valve or switch is in the “on” position. The gas in the tank should be new and not more than a month old.
  • Set the throttle to ¾ speed or higher if your machine has one. Some snowblowers do not have it.
  • Set the choke to full mode, especially when the temperature is low. It stops the air intake.
  • Insert the ignition key into the slot.  If your machine has this provision, it won’t start without having the signature key in place.
  • Take off the spark plug and inspect it for cracks around the porcelain insulator. Also, check for carbon buildup on the electrode and burnt or damaged electrode. These factors can prevent the machine from starting up unless you clean them or even replace it with a new one. Sometimes, the spark plug could be wet with gas. It is an indication that it is full of oil. Wipe it clean, and try to start the engine several times to get rid of excess fuel in the plug’s chamber. Reinsert it back to the position.

Sometimes, you have to store your machine for a long. In such cases, the carburetor might get clogged. Check it and unclog it before trying to ignite.

These are some of the things you can manage by yourself at home. However, sometimes you might try to troubleshoot and still fails to ignite. It might be the time to consult a professional to deal with the issue. The damage could be beyond your capabilities.

What are the different types of snowblowers?

There are different types of snowblowers depending on their use and operation. They include the following:

  1. Single-stage snowblowers.
  2. Two-stage snowblowers.
  3. Three-stage snowblowers.
  4. Electric snow blowers.
  5. Gas snowblowers.

All these have the same functionality of clearing snow ranging from airport runways to gardens, highways, and all other places.

How to choose a snowblower when buying

Consider the following factors when purchasing a snowblower:

  • The size of your garden or lawn.
  • The depth in which the machine can go.
  • The nature of the task. It could be light, heavy, or icy snow.
  • The terrain of your property that is whether it is rugged, flat, or sloppy.


A yard machine snowblower can start with a lot of ease, as long as you know the procedure. Sometimes, however, due to some challenges, it might fail to ignite. The article has enumerated the steps for starting it. Try it today!

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