How to Use a Toro Snowblower

how to use a toro snowblower

Toro snow blower is the right options that will help you to be ready for anything winter throws at you. It gives you professional durability and precision control. Now that you have selected Toro snow blower which is the right step, here are some step by step use of the machine to get and outstanding performance. If this is your first time using a Toro snow blower, this article is for you. And if you are not new to this awesome blower, gain more knowledge on how to use a Toro snow blower.

The first step is the set up of your machine

(i) Open the oil dipstick and pull it out of the engine. This is located on the top and middle of the snow blower engine.

(ii) Put oil into the dipstick hole and place the dipstick back at its normal position. This is necessary if this is your first time using the snow blower, this is because the oil lubricates the engine. The engine will damage if you do not add oil.

(iii) Next, you open the fuel tank which is at the top back right corner of the engine, and lifting it from the tank.

(iv) Pour gasoline into the fuel tank, and leave about 1/2 inch of space in the fuel tank

After that you are done with the set up of the snow blower, the next thing is to start the engine.

(i) Now, move the throttle control lever knob at the left of the starter rope to Fast.

(ii) Open the fuel shutoff knob  valve by turning it in a counterclockwise direction. If the valve is closed gasoline will not reach the engine.

(iii) Check on the top of the engine next to the spark plug, this is where the choke is placed. Now, twist the choke until it is set to “Full.”

(iv) Next, insert the ignition key in the keyhole located to the left of the throttle lever. The important of this ignition key is to serve as a safety feature that keeps children from starting the snow thrower.

(v) Now, push the primer bulb to the right of the throttle lever. Do this three times, and cover the hole on the primer bulb when you push it. The primer bulb draws fuel into the engine, which will allow it to start.

(vi) Hold the starter rope firmly and pull out quickly to start the engine. If the Toro snow blower did not start, after that you are sure it has fuel, and the fuel is not more than 30 days. If it is more than 30 days, remove the fuel and fill it with fresh one. Make sure you mix in the required amount of oil for two-cycle engines. If the engine is cold, you should prime the fuel line two pumps and shift the choke sideways before starting the engine.

(vii) Once the engine starts, slide the choke to the “3/4” position, and allow the engine to warm up, then you gently slide the choke to the “1/2” position and finally to “Off.” Now you are ready to use your Toro snow thrower.

Using the Toro snow blower

Now that the engine has started, the next thing is to make it serve its purpose, that is removing the snow. Do not put the machine as you go, instead let it move at its own pace. You can push it forward only if the wheels lose traction or get stuck. And make sure you stay behind the shoot when clearing the snow for safety.

You may start by cutting a single swath down the center of the driveway , or start on the opposite edge. If you want  the snow to be blown on both sides of the driveway, you start the removal by clearing through a single swath down the center, then you work your way out toward the edges.

However, If you want all the snow to be along one edge of the driveway, you start on the opposite edge and you clear the snow toward the side where you want it to land. This way, you will get a more cleaner path as any snow that did not fall on intended  place will be cleared as you move your way across. And, as you turn round  at the end of one of the driveway, make sure you adjust the discharge chute to 180 degrees to keep the snow flying in the right direction.

As you are clearing the snow, then you realized that your machine is not removing snow very well from the surfaces, you should check the condition of the scraper and the rotor blades. This rotor blades have a wear indicator hole, so, when you see that the end of the blade has worn down to the hole, replace the blades and the scraper. However, if the blades and scraper are in good condition, lift up on the handles to push the front of the machine, this way you will force the nose of the snow blower down into the snow to the surface to ensure good contact. The auger of the machine can now dig into the hip of snow instead of just moving over the top. Move over and clear a couple of feet by blowing it into your yard. You may repeat until you have an open path. When you are done removing the snow, turn off the ignition switch to stop the engine.


Make sure that before using your snow blower, you take time to check the Toro snow blower. Like inspecting the drive belt, spark plug, rotor blades and gear box oil. If there is any part that needs replacing. replace them before the snow removal season starts. to save you from having to make repairs when you would rather be removing snow. Check the control cables and make any necessary adjustments and fill the tank with fresh fuel.

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