How to Use Electric Lawn Mower

how to use electric lawn mower

An electric lawn mower is a mower that is powered by an electric motor which of course uses electricity. The electric lawn mower can be cordless or corded. The cordless one is preferred by large lawn owners as it can cover a large area far from the power outlet. The corded lawn mower has a long electrical cable attached to it; the cable is plugged to an electrical outlet. The movement of the corded lawn mower is however restricted and how far it can go is dependent on the length of the cord. Below is the answer to the question how to use an electric lawn mower, do follow through.

Step 1: wear your safety equipment

It is best to consider safety first, better safe than sorry. Wear your non slippery footwear, hand glove to prevent blister while pushing he mower. The electric lawn mower is less noisy than the gas powered mower and you might not need an ear plug. An eye protection is also necessary to prevent the grass and other object from damaging your eyes. You should also see that the lawn is cleared of all obstacles that damage the lawn mower. Object like big stones, bottle should be removed from the lawn. The electric lawn mowers are not really built for wet grass as it causes the blade to slow down due to friction. The electric motor will by consequence need a higher force to cut the grass and this can make your mower overheat draining the battery.

Step 2: Start the mower engine

Unlike the gas powered lawn mower, an electrical mower is relatively easier to start. Most electrical mower comes with a key which is inserted in the electrical frame. It is designed as such to prevent children from easily starting the mower or just anybody who shouldn’t.

The cordless mower is powered by battery which is advisable you charge fully before use. The engine is turned on by pressing the ignition button. If the lawn mower does not start up after this, you should check if the battery is adequately charged or you might try testing other battery with it. If another battery works then the problem is with your battery but if the problem persists, your engine is probably faulty. Contact your local mechanic if the problem persists after this.

The corded lawn mower has a cable attached to it which is plugged to an electric source. Starting this is similar to the battery powered lawn mower. Insert the key to the electrical frame and then press down the ignition button. The engine should start after this, if it doesn’t check the cord to see if there’s no cut. Secondly check the outlet by plugging something else to it to see if it works. Contact your local mechanic if the problem persists after this.

Step 3: mow the lawn

Battery powered lawn mower are not suitable for heavy duty mowing. They require you passing over the grass continuously especially if the grass is thick and long.

When low on power the speed of the blade decreases and it spins with less force. In this case it is advisable to turn off the mower and charge it till it has adequate power to run. The corded lawn mower is easily maneuverable and can cover more area

While using corded electric lawn mower you should be careful not run over the cord. Running over the cord can cause damage to the mower’s blade and even the cord. The corded mower is more powerful than the cordless mower.

The above steps is how to use an electric lawn mower.

Maintaining an electric mower

Information on how to use an electric lawn mower will not be complete without mentioning how it should be maintained. Like all electrical appliances, the electric lawn mower should be maintained to make it last longer. A maintained mower retains it cutting efficiency and it looks. Unlike the gas powered lawn mower the need to maintain the electric mower may not be obvious but it should be done regularly. A poorly maintained mower will require more you spending more time in the same area which is time and energy wasting. Below are ways you can maintain different part of the electric mower.

How to maintain the mower’s power system

The way to maintain the power4 system depends on type of electric mower. For the corded electric lawn mower, the cord should be checked before and after use to make sure there is no cut. The wire is exposed; the exposed part should be covered by an insulation tape.

The battery of a cordless mower should be taken care of. Most batteries are quite expensive, proper maintenance will result in longer battery lifespan which can save you a lot of money. Batteries especially the older types should not be overcharged or fully discharge as they can damage the battery. The newer battery have smart feature which prevent overcharging this requiring lesser maintenance.

How to maintain the mower’s blade

For better effectiveness, the mower blade should be sharp, a sharp blade cuts through the grass easily. After every use the blade should be cleaned, all soil and grass residue should be removed. Failure to remove this can make the blade blunt over time. The cleaning can be done using a stick or plastic tool. When the blade becomes dull due to continuous usage, it is advisable to file the blade to restore the sharpness.

How to maintain the mower’s desk

The desk is an important part mower. it prevent the grass from flying in all direction. The desk should be cleaned after use with a wooden stick or a plastic tool. All sand and grass residue should be removed; care should be taken not to scrap off the protective painting. The desk should have minimal contact with water as it can cause the corrosion of the metal material of the desk.

How to maintain the mower’s wheel and fasteners

The wheel requires little maintenance; it should be well lubricated with oil to make sure it rotates well. Fasteners (nuts and bolts) could loosen over time due to continuous usage and can fall off anytime. All fasteners should be tightened before use to avoid larger damage to the desk.


Rather than purchasing petroleum by the gallon, you can simply charge the cutter to an outlet at generously diminished rates. Not exclusively are electric yard cutter less expensive to control, they’re additionally less expensive to keep up. No compelling reason to pay for motor check ups, oil, and fuel channel and sparkle plug substitutions, as electric garden cutters have discarded all that. I hope this is helpful enough

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